Community Estate Creation is a Program, under Covenants, Contracts, and Agreements to wing-off U.S. & Non-U.S. Individuals from Government Entitlement. Such as; Housing, Transportation, Welfare…





    JOB: Voluntary Chairman’s for Utah Candidates Campaigning For Election.

    The Independent American State Party, on April 23, 2016 will be nominating Stoney Teiko Fonua to be on November 8, 2016 ballot as a representative and a Candidate for the U.S. Senate.

    Campaigning is complicated and needs enough available assistance to be successful in winning, in both time and money.

    Need: Six (6) Voluntary Chairman’s; 1. Campaign Chairman; 2. Finance Chair; 3. Scheduling Chair; 4. Public Relations Chair; 5. Research and Issues Chair; 6. Advertising Promotional Chair

    1. ‘Campaign Chairman’ as a crew captain who is in charge of the additional crew members. Including cameraman with both video and still cameras.

    2. The Finance Chair will, obviously, be looking for funding of the campaign. The job includes donor lists, hosting public speaking events, mailing lists, telephone banks, etc.

    3. Scheduling Chair is charged with public appearances, news conferences speaking engagements with organized groups like Elks, Masons, Business Groups, Retirement Centers, etc.

    4. Public Relations Chair is researching in state radio station connections, newspapers, social media, billeting facilities and dining. Included are methods of travel.

    5. Research and Issues Chair makes available information topics and platform information related to campaign.

    6. Advertising Promotional Chair is charged in providing marketing materials, printing flyers, posters, bill boards, yard signs. It includes editing all printed supplies and photographs.

    Each of the candidates are asked to forward their completed list of Campaign Chairs to Party Headquarters as soon as possible upon completion.

    Independent American Party of Utah
    4270 Normandie Lane
    Salt Lake City, Utah 84108

    Stoney T. Fonua Candidate for Utah U.S. Senate E-mail:

    Class of 1993 Jordan High School
    Class of 1996 P.O.S.T. (Millcreek) Salt Lake Community College
    Class of 2012 Associate General Studies Salt Lake Community College
    Class of 2012 Associate Paralegal Salt Lake Community College
    Class of 2012 Associate Criminal Justice Salt Lake Community College
    Class of 2013 BA Criminal Justice Weber State University

    The Six (6) Voluntary Chairman’s;
    1. Campaign Chairman; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]
    2. Finance Chair; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]
    3. Scheduling Chair; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]
    4. Public Relations Chair; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]
    5. Research and Issues Chair; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]
    6. Advertising Promotional Chair; [ YOUR NAME HERE ]

    I would like to thank those that have been considering of joining and taken the Job of Voluntary Chairman as a Service of their God and Country. GO UTAH USA!


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