Stoney T. Fonua

2018 Candidate for Utah U.S. Senate


Conservative Republican Party

Stone Fonua (Nic Name Stoney) was born in Houma 1957, Tonga Tapu Tonga Island. In 1964 his parents brought him to American Samoa, then to Oahu, Honolulu Hawaii, then to San Mateo California where he started at Riverside Elementary. And In 1967 his parents brought him to Salt Lake City, Utah. He started at Lafayette then Lowell Elementary. Junior High at Horace Mann then to West High, class of 1977, but Graduated from Jordan in Sandy, Utah as class of 1993. P.O.S.T. Certification in 1996 and became a Utah State Peace Officer. Back to school; ASS in General Class of 2012. AAS in Paralegal Class of 2012. ASS in Criminal Justice Class of 2012. BA in Criminal Justice Class of 2013 at Weber State University.


At age 11 Stoney delivered for the Deseret News Paper and the Sunday Tribune.  And in 1977 he married Jackie Ann Hayward. The daughter of Jaclyn Dent and N.D. Pete Hayward (Salt Lake County Sheriff) of Salt Lake City, Utah. They have four (4) children. They lived in Magna for 11 years while Stoney was working at Kennecott Copper Pit, The Hawaiian Resturants, and Cortell’s Bakery, from 1978 to 1984. Stoney continue working for Cortell’s, Albertson’s, and Smith’s Bakery while Jackie finished her P.A. at the University of Utah in June of 1996. Stoney wanting to start Stoney’s Family Bakery in September of 1996 and a second bakery in West Valley while being a Peace Officer at the SLCC PD and the U of U PD. In 2010 Stoney went back to School and after graduating, he became an Associate Tax Pro for H&R Block.

Stoney has been a candidate for public office several times, but never got pass the primary as a Democrat, Constitution, or Independent American Party. Now, I am on the ballot as a U.S. Senate candidate of the Conservative Republican Party.

Stoney is a religious and political guru, and have studied and envision the past, current, and future debts of government, history, economics and national defense and is a firm advocate of God, Gold, and Guns. Stoney is a true follower of the “PEACEMAKER”.

Questions and Answers: Party’s Questions, Stoney’s Answers

Q: Mr. Fonua, why are you running for office?

A: To be an instrument of the Peacemaker Bill and write the words into the ACT; that would enact paying off our debt, clothes the naked, feed the hunger, shelter the homeless, help the sick and the afflicted, rid of racism, and bring peace to the Middle East without a single gunshot or a bomb.

Q: Why shouldn’t I vote for the incumbent?

A: If my task in following the PEACEMAKER is not for you, please say a prayer, and follow your consensus in faith and spirit. If it guide you to the incumbent, I am well please with your choice.

Q: Why aren’t you running as a Independent or Democrat?

A: I have been there! It’s like screaming, but no one can hear you. Sorry, it’s metaphorly speaking or politically incorrect.

Q: What are your most important legislative goals?

1.) Introduce the Peacemaker Bill, which Amendment no State Income Tax, Cut the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 70%, and eliminates or sells off all unconstitutional entitlement government agencies and projects; such as: HUD, BANKRUPTCY, FUNDING OTHER COUNTRIES, ETC…,

2.) Introduce legislation that would educate individuals on how to bring about financial peace of mind. Planting the seed of peace would blossom in the future for future generation to live in peace, prosperity and harmony.

Q: What is your stand on gun control?

A:  “Gun’s,” do not have a brain. All those that want to have a gun, should be educated, and be mentally awake to take responsibility for their actions in owning a gun and whom should use their guns and in what environments.

Q: What can be done about violence in the schools, especially school shootings?

A: Gun owners should take responsibility and not let children or mentally ill individuals take or remove their guns. Making excuses is a mischief and a felony. “I didn’t know she was under age in a sexual act” is not an excuses to commit a mischief. Keep matches, poisons, and guns out of reach of children and the mentally ill.

Q: How are you going to pay the debt?

A: In following the peacemaker, it is believed when the peacemaker died, all debts were paid in full. (Again, metaphorly and symbolically speaking) By using Term Life Insurance pledged as collateral for a note with the interest rate of 0.001% in an Estate Creation Program. Upon every individual’s death, all of their debts would be paid in full.

The program is only for those who makes $0.00, $50,000, $100,000, $150,000 and $250,000. Any higher, You don’t need this program.

The program have endless benefits in NO; Bankruptcy and FICO Score. Receive; healthcare, school loans, housing, transportation insurances (personal and small business), retirement, funeral cost, and many more extra benefits.

An opposition to the Capitalism of the United State Treasury and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation “PMEU Inc. with PFDICC” is the Non-Profit 501c (series) Private Federal Deposit Insurance C Corporation “PFDICC Business Trust Account”.

Due to entitlement rights under government benefits, a Non-Profit 501c (series) Maka Security Low Profit Company (LPC) is to influence entitlement rights to merger under the Cy-Pres Doctrine.

A Merger of PMEU Inc. with Maka Security Low Profit Company (LPC) is the crossroad of conveyances, transfers, and transmitted, of legal documents and intangible values between affiliated Trusts, Estates, storage (the cloud), financial institutions, governmental financial institutions, and private or personal accounts as contributions and distributions stated thereof.

A Merger of PMEU Inc. with Fonua Enterprize Inc. is a Non-Profit 501c (series) C Corporation that raises funding for Community Sports, Entertainments, Arts, and Healthy Living Environment (sickness and nutriment), for every individual as a member (similar to a Union membership) in the Estate Creation Program.

Q: Where do you stand on Healthcare?

A: The ACA should only be for those that have pre-existing conditions. Everyone else should pay $25 per person or each individual.

Under the 501c7 Auto insurance should be $10 plus $1 for every rider(s). SR Drivers is $30 plus $1 for every rider(s). Small Business should be $60 plus $1 for every riders. Retirement is under the financial tool of 7-2; meaning your $$$ value would double every seven years. Example: $200,000 at age 30, at age 37 is $400,000; age 44, $800,000; age 51, $1.6 Million; age 58, $3.2 Million. Term Life would end at 30 years. [NOTICE: Estate Creation Program work similar to Reverse Mortgage Financial Benefits but with “Proff Of Funding” (POF)]

Q: Where do you stand on Immigration?

A: As of right now, we are vetting the refugees. Each States should start vetting all illegal immigrants as of right now! All illegal immigrants or those without paper documents should start at the: 1. Check-in with a Doctor’s Office or the Board of Health for immigration health status and assessment. 2. Check-in with the State Department of “Background Check Investigation” (BCI) with a birth certificate to be registered, fingerprinted and photograph. 3. Check-in with the Internal Revenue Services (IRS) for an ITIN# number (W-7 form) to be able to work legally. 4. Check-in with the Social Security Department (SS) for a turn-down letter of receiving Social Security or a number for now. 5. Check-in with the State Driver’s License Division for a State ID. 6. Check-in with the Immigration Department for a Chandler Card that is equal to a “Disembarkation / Embarkation Card”.  After five (5) years, illegal immigrants can apply for “Dual U.S. Citizenship”.

Q: How can you rid of racism?

A: Ideology of the bible and belief in common sense knowledge in understanding the word of God. We believe that the bible is the word of God as long as it’s translated correctly. “In the beginning in the mid of darkness comes a light”. If male is the light, then the dark must be female? God will never let us know her name or what she look like, that we may use it in profanity. God will protect Mother Earth due upon where the begotten son spilled god’s blood. Due upon an over crowed world, god send category one; famine, wars, earthquake, tsunami, flood, infestation bugs to balance humanity. The second category of balance is gun violence, murder, abortion, domestic violence, terroism, auto-accidents and criminal violence act. The third category is deceases, cancer, heart-attacks, tumors, and hereditary bloodline decease. Category 4, Priest, Nuns, Gays, Lesbians’, and close bloodline marriages within the fourth generation. If God did not send these four categories, this world would be so over populated and the earth would die. So hug a Gay or a Lesbian, a Priest or a Nun and thank them for not having children so that those of us that have children may live without fear of an over crowed world for now.

Q: Where do you stand on Gays and Lesbians?

A: The Peacemaker was born to be on a mission. We are all born as humans to be on a mission. We all have a purpose in life to be who we are, and our fate is in God’s hands. The lord give us life. The lord taketh. Everything happens for a reason.

Q: Where did black skin come from?

A: Ideology of the bible and belief in common sense knowledge in understanding the word of God. When it is raining and you are on your way out, your mother said, “Put a rain coat on”.  When it is cold outside, your mother says, put a warm coat on. It is true when Cain killed Able, God confined Cain to the Hot Desert geographic area beyond the Garden of Eden. And on his way out into the Hot Desert Land, Heavenly Mother put her dark coat of skin upon her son as a gift to keep him cool from the harsh Hot Desert Sun. Dark skin was a gift from our mother in heaven to his son. Dark Skin is a gift, not a Sin. A gifted child can dance, sing, run, and is a natural in most all sports and the games of life.

Q: How will you bring Peace to the Middle East without a single gunshot or a bomb?

A: For those of us that have been on a Plane, the words over the intercom is to put on the mask first on yourself before putting it on or helping the person next to you. This analogy should be the same as bring or taking peace tack-tic and educating the Middle East about peace. There are two rules that parents should teach their boys starting from birth. Rule number #1. DO NOT DO ANYTHING TO HURT A GIRL OR A WOMAN. And Rule number #2. DO NOT BLAME OTHERS FOR WHAT HAPPEN TO YOU.

#1. If all your boys know all through their life and impress upon their mind, “Do not do anything to hurt a girl or a woman”. When they go on dates, after heavy petting and breathing pretty hard, and if the girl says no, it mean no. The boy would know nothing else but remembering what has been impress upon his mind is rule #1 throughout his whole life.

#2. The #2 Rule should be impress upon every boy and girl. All choices made by them, if it’s good they would receive well, and if bad choices, it is no one elses fault but their owe choice. When impress upon children very young how to make choices. They would learn what a good choice is for themselves and what a bad choice is for themselves.

In monarchy, before marriage, boys are prince, and girls are princesses. When marriage has been applied, boy becomes a man, and now he is a King. The girl becomes a woman, and now she is a Queen. And when they get married, God has authorized them to be the Gods of this world and create the Children of God upon the Altar (the Bed) of Secrets.

A man’s body is built to serve and protect the woman. Just like God protecting our mother in heaven. When a King set the Queen on the Altar of creation (on the Bed). With one knee down on the floor and head bow to the Queen, the word out of his mouth is “How may I serve thee my Queen”. If this is done once a week or at least once a month. Domestic violence and divorces would be no more. There will be peace in the Kingdom always. Men should always remember, that women should always be first in all of their doing. Women are the only God of this world and men are to serve and lead.

The hard core mind-setting for women is they think they need a man. A woman has the free will and choice to let the man (if rightous) join with her in her salvation and savior (the children she bared) for ever-lasting life.

If you don’t believe me, then you should recheck your relationship standing or status.

Q: What is your knowledge about women wanting the Power of the Priesthood?

A: Ideology of the bible and belief in common sense knowledge in understanding the word of God. In the Garden of Eden, God gave Eve the first principal and the power of the Priesthood, and that is to give life and that man maybe and have everlasting life. The power of the priesthood is to heal and comfort the sick and afflicted. Women are already the doctors and the healers and comforter of the family. Women can’t be given the Power of the Priesthood, because you cannot give someone something that they already have. Men are given the power because they don’t have it. That is why men can receive the Power of the Priesthood from God in a healthmaid in spirit to the woman.

In conclusion, when Adam was ask, “What is wanted?” Adam said, “I am waiting for the further enlightment and knowledge that God has promise to send me”. There will be those that would ask the mountain and the rock upon thereof, to fall on them and kill them for they did not know and have been preaching fake News & doctrine. It took forty years before god let the Israelite out of the desert. It may take forty years before the Middle East follow the Peacemaker under the Peacekeeper ACT. Until and upon that day, there will be Peace in the Middle East without a single gunshot or a bomb; 2060. Amen.

Republican Party of Utah

Name: Stoney Teiko Fonua


alternative Email:

Class of 1993 Jordan High School in Sandy, UT

Class of 1996 P.O.S.T. (Millcreek) Salt Lake Community College

Class of 2012 Associate General Studies Salt Lake Community College

Class of 2012 Associate Paralegal Salt Lake Community College

Class of 2012 Associate Criminal Justice Salt Lake Community College

Class of 2013 BA Criminal Justice Weber State University





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