Defending the Constitution
Stoney Fonua & Kevin Bryan
With Kevin Bryan of Ogden thoughts on the issues defending the Rights of the People and defending the Constitution of the United States of America. Stoney Fonua agree to published these matters on Facebook for everyone to share. Everyone should share, what they as individual believes and agrees upon? With their own comprehension of understanding according too, their own interpretation of these articles. Plus, a vision of truth, as justice for themselves, said thereof.
It has been said “My truth is not yours and yours is not mine, but we come together on Facebook and on this web-site to find common ground, and common sense of truth.
I, Stoney Fonua share Kevin Bryan common ground and common sense of truth. We both believe that the United States should have a strong military for defense. However, Kevin believe it should be used only for the defense of the nation. But we both agree, that the U.S. Military should not be used in wars of aggression or for nation-building or meddling in the internal affairs of other nations or in any conflict which does not directly involve the United States. Kevin also believe that the United States do not need to have military bases in over a hundred of nations around the world.
Kevin implemented that these bases should be closed and the troops brought home. I do agree that American soldiers should only be put in harm’s way when the security of the nation is at risk and there is no other reason that justifies putting their lives on the line. It is time that the U.S. stopped trying to police the world and started keeping its nose out of the affairs of other nations.
Kevin and I found common truth, that the U.S. doesn’t have the resources to do it (being trillions in debt), nor does it seem very adept at doing so, as each attempt result in the creation of new enemies that must be fought down the road. We both agree, it is often poor U.S. foreign policy towards other nations that results in the terrorism that the U.S. Military winds up fighting against.
For example: it was the U.S. government which propped up dictators such as Saddam Hussein and provided resources to groups like ISIS in hopes that they would do what we wanted them to. That’s why there are so many people out there and around the world who hate this nation. Our federal government has helped cause much unneeded bloodshed around the world.
Kevin and I both agree on the Rights of the people and the enforcing policy under our Constitution. In different areas in which national security policy has overstepped the bounds of the U.S. Constitution.
For me, I had a little Altercation example right at home;
Stoney Fonua
The Plaintiff,
UDOT State Employees, The Defendant
Altercation: On Monday October 17, 2016 stopped in at Herriman City Hall to ask when to put my Political Signs on the side of the road. The clerk made a phone call and replied, you can put your signs out because the Voting has started. Because my race is State wide, my signs were put up on State, Counties, Cities and Township Roads.
On Tuesday October 18, 2016 about 10:30 am on the Exit of Perish Lane Centerville Utah, a UDOT white truck with three employees pulled up and stated to me, if I put that sign up on the side of the road, he will order his guys to pull it down and throw it in the trash or garbage. I ask to see or talk with his supervisor, the driver stated that he was the supervisor and if I put that sign up he will take it down as soon as I leave and throw it in the garbage or trash it just like all my other signs that I have put up along every Exit on I-15. I stated to the UDOT employee, that what he was doing is against the law under my 1ST Amendment Rights. Then I ask if he had a code, statute or a policy that would override my 1st Amendment Rights.
A code, statute, or a policy that would give him the rights to take my personal property and destroy it without my consent. He then reached for his radio and called his boss. I was detained for about 10 minutes and then I said to the UDOT employee that stated he was the supervisor, so if I go up to the Capital and get permission to put my signs-up then it’s ok. He stated yes, and then I stated to all three UDOT employees to have a good day.
On Tuesday October 18, 2016 about 11:00 am I have arrived at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office and asked, who would give me permission to put my signs up on state roads. A young man was directed at me and I began to tell my story. He asks if I got any name or where the altercation took place and I related the message of the above incident.
The young man stated that he would look up if any codes, statute or a policy that would override my 1st Amendment Rights. And it was ok for the State UDOT employees to destroy my personal property without giving me a notice of 10 days to take my signs down or I would be given a fine of up to $1,000.00 for each day I didn’t comply with the order. It has been 48 hours and no word from the young man at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office. So, I am writing this letter for justice to be served.
Dear, Governor Gary Herbert;
The buck stop with you. Your State employees should have a clear understanding of one rights under the Constitution of the United States of America. There cannot be any code, statute or policy that would suppress or give your state employees the right to destroy others individuals’ personal property without the owner’s consent. Under Law & Order every U.S. Citizen have the right of Freedom of expression and Freedom of advertising of having a voice for the people to bring the very core of our democracy under the 1st Amendment and our Bill of Rights.

Suggestions: Executive Order;

All State Employees, do not destroy other people property unless they don’t comply within the 10 days of notice. Yard signs size only (max at 18×24) can go on state roads. If any signs cause an unsafe situation for drivers, then the sign need to be taken down and have the individual and the owner of the personal property pick it up within 10 days or it would be destroyed.

Signs are allowed on every state, county, city or township road three weeks before election day.

It has been two days have gone by and I have not heard from the young man at the Lieutenant Governor’s Office.

Charges will be pending until after the Election on November 8, 2016.

1st Count: Criminal Mischief. Not knowing is not an excuse to commit the ACT. Having employees or ordering employees to commit the ACT is still Criminal Mischief.

2nd Count: Vandalism ones’ property without consent.

3rd Count: Suppressing an individual of his/her to express democracy is a violation of his/her 1st Amendment Rights under the Constitution.

My compensation: 12 million dollars not including attorney’s fees and court cost. As U.S. Senator, Utah federal budget 2 million dollars every year for a one term of six (6) years.

If your choice to suspend the UDOT employees, remember to ask if they have families to take care of, maybe suspension with pay until they are educated in the rights of others. For all employees that are receiving income under taxpayers’ money, they should also be respectful of others within their rights under the Constitution of the United States of America.


Stoney Fonua – Smiling

Kevin on the other hand of this issues of National Security Policy has overstepped the bounds of the U.S. Constitution. Kevin believes the NSA’s policy of spying on American citizens is violation of the 4th Amendment.
Kevin and I both agree, that the NDAA which has been passed has provisions which allows the U.S. Military to detain American citizens without a trial, is violation of the 5th Amendment.
Kevin and I have found bipartition common ground under the TSA introduces evermore intrusive policies at our airports. The common ground is that national security is important, it must not come at the expense of the rights of the people. We both agree, that any policy that violates the Bill of Rights must be done away with. Liberty cannot be sacrificed for security, otherwise we give up the very thing that we are supposed to be defending.
Kevin feel strongly and view whistleblowers such as Edward Snowden to be heroes, willing to expose the true threats of our liberties.
Kevin and I both agree, that the U.S. has no business sending aid to other nations, financially or militarily. Aside from the fact that we are trillions in debt, meddling in the affairs of other nations is not a good idea. We can’t afford to send money other nations when we’re having to borrow money to pay our own bills. We also have a poor record when it comes to sending military aid to other governments or rebel groups. Because we tend to wind up creation the enemies we must fight a few years down the road. For example: the U.S. send resources to Saddam Hussein in the past, so he could attack Iran. (Remember the phrase, “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, – Bomb Iran”) anyway it is the same with ISIS, hoping they would bring down the regime in Syria. Obviously, both became our enemy afterwards.
Kevin and I both agree and have a suggestion to the U.S. Government and the American Politicians. Please write a policy for anyone or person, if at any time or anyone wants to help-out in a foreign land or another countries’ situation. Write a policy that would set these individuals or them free to do so without using taxpayers’ money. The policy would give them the freedom to put together a private effort to raise money to send to the whatever people they wish to aid. If they think military action should be taken overseas, they can raise arms and head over there to fight. In either situation, no taxpayers’ money should be spent.