Immigration Policy Proposal

Extreme Vetting would take place of these refugees. I think that each state should follow extreme vetting for refugees and illegal alias or aliens.

The process and steps Extreme Vetting are as:

1st the doctor’s office or the board of health to make sure all their immunization and health papers are in order.

2nd Background Check at (BCI) to be fingerprinted and photographed and be accounted for.

3rd the Social Security Administration office for a turn down letter, they will not receive Social Security benefits of any kind.

4th Division of Motor Vehicle (the DMV) for ID or Driver’s License with no flying benefits.

5th the IRS or Tax prepared office like H&R Block, Jackson Hewett, etc… to receive a ITIN # to work.

6th Registered at the Department of Work-force to find a job.

7th Department of Immigration for an ID like a Chandler Card that is equal to a “Disembarkation / Embarkation Card”. After five (5) years, illegal immigrants can apply for “Dual U.S. Citizenship” to receive Estate Creation within their own Country. Smiling